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Uncle Bugs

aka., Chuck Gates

President of Uncle Bugs Pest Control, LLC

Associate Certified Entomologist (A.C.E.)


Chuck Gates: Inner_about

If you really wanna know ...


Chuck Gates is a happy man. He lives for his family and enthusiastically pursues a trade his family has kept for four generations - pest control. He's learned a thing or two about bugs, family, and God's natural creation in his 50 years of service. 

Chuck's pest control experience began when he was a boy working alongside his Dad, Al - who ran a company in Key West, FL thru the late 60's & early 70's. After a couple private & corporate ventures Chuck began a personal friendship & valuable business relationship with Al & Sandy Burger, of the industry-famed, Bugs Burger Bug Killers in Miami, Fl (BBBK).  Burger's blatant, and ground-breaking "guarantee" to eliminate pests using what is currently recognized as "Integrated Pest Management" during his time was unheard of and had a huge impact on Chuck.

Apple Pest Control, Inc. was started by Chuck following the sale of BBBK in the late 80's and enjoyed business success and loyal, family-like customers throughout central Florida until sold in the mid 2000's. That venture gifted Chuck with many customers who became like family because of his demand for respectable and honest attention to a customer's property and a level of customized care rarely seen in the industry, frankly.

Moving to Atlanta to care for the final years of his beloved youngest son Danny, Chuck directed service training and quality control positions in two of Atlanta's leading pest control companies, and became a member of Certified Entomologists until .... 

The Uncle Bugs plan hatched!

Chuck Gates: TeamMember
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