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A Fresh, New Approach to Pest Control

Over 50 years family experience in pest services has taught us a lot about how to serve our loyal customers in a surprisingly unique way

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What's So Unique?

Uncle Bugs approaches your pest concerns holistically.

Your home or business is its own ecosystem.

A fresh approach to an old processes: 

1. Uncle Bugs provides a thorough review of your whole property

and helps you decide on a pest service that is consistent with your needs & perspective.

2. Uncle Bugs finds solutions to pest problems arising from:

Structural landscaping, 

Points of entry into your home or business,

Other internal or external causes of pest infestation. 

 ... but with care of your situation & perspectives.​

3. Uncle Bugs believes in being a good steward to your environment

and providing you with knowledge and professional service for healthy pest management.


Professional Services

Learned Over 50 Years 

serving loyal pest control customers


Conventional   Pest Control

Industry-leading Chemistry 

& Best Practices


Green - Environmental   Pest Control

Natural Chemistry  &  Environmental Preventions


Structural Pest Prevention

Interior and Exterior Building 
Modifications & Maintenance for Pest Prevention

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